my outreachy participation

 Peitra Ahani Okumo.  From, Buea/Southwest Region/Cameroon

My core values are “loyalty, learning and success”

Being loyal is my drive in life. This gives me the chance to acquire knowledge from those that knows more than me. It also gives people the mind to help me get through difficult task in life particularly in my field of studies.

 I also value learning. I like to know every new thing I come across. The love to learn gives me a good push in life and my field of studies. I always feel like there is a vacuum in my head which needs to filled with knowledge, this makes me to learn more.

 Success is also a core value in my life. I always want to succeed in the things I do. That is why I stay loyal to learn so I can archive success in my career and life in general. The hunger for success always makes me to put effort in my doings.

   What Motivated Me to Join Outreachy

– Where I come from

– My love to learn

-How I knew About Outreachy.

-The Outreachy Initial Application Period                                      

 -Where I come from                                  

      Coming from a background where education seems not to be a reality in many peoples life.

From the “bororo” community in Cameroon. In this community the men are known for cattle rearing. Most men lives in the forest taking care of flocks. And the main occupation of women is milking and selling of vegetables. Once a male child is 5years old or above he is taken to the forest which are hilly to start learning cattle rearing. Fortunately my mother started working in the house of a non-Muslim and none “bororo” family and I always go visiting in her job site. Meeting the children of my mothers employer who were always on their computers, some playing games, and others using it for other purposes. I started loving to know how to manipulate a computer at the age of about 7years, but it couldn’t be possible and sounded so funny to them because at that age I have not even started grade one in primary school. I could only sit and watch them manipulate the computers and also read their books. From there I got the drive to follow my friends to school. My mother’s employer loved my push for education an insisted of assisting in sponsoring me through school. I grew up in his yard and went through primary, secondary and high school. I became more passionate about computer studies after high school and I enrolled into an institute of information technology (I.T) where I graduated as software engineer.

My Love to Learn

 I love to learn new things, particularly in my field of studies. I always love to join small communities where I can improve on my knowledge, share ideas and develop my career. I came across a friend who told me about contributing in an open source. I was so excited and I really wanted to know more about open source and I find out the benefits of joining it.

 – How I Knew About Outreachy

Since I knew about open source contribution I researched online and also asked some few friends who are more exposed to open source contribution. A friend told me about outreachy and I went straight to their web page and read what it is all about. Wow I was amazed what actually outreachy is all about and their objectives. I realized outreachy also included the under-represented people around the world which really suits my status. I registered for outreachy  on the 8/02/2020 to get updates and be part of the community. I was so excited when the next application process started and hurriedly applied.    

 –The Outreachy Initial application Peoriod

I waited for the email of those selected t in the participation round and finally got and email on the 5/03/2020 that my initial application for outreachy was accepted. This is how I got motivated and joined Outreachy.

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