How I Got Stuck During My Outreachy Internship

What Actually Got Me Stuck

As an intern working with LibreHealth (, for the LibreHealth EHR system to work on your local machine, you must have a server which runs both ‘PHP’ and ‘MYSQL’. I had already downloaded and installed a ‘XAMPP’ server and followed the installation instructions for the LibreHealth EHR (Installation Instructions). After some time I could not access the system on my machine showing an error message in ‘MYSQL.’ which indicates that port 3306 is not working. So I tried fixing it, but I kept getting same error message and could not recover the LibreHealth EHR on my local machine.

So I uninstalled the ‘XAMPP’ server and deleted. I downloaded the ‘XAMPP’ server back (

When I reinstalled the ‘XAMPP’ server on my machine I got the error message again from ‘MYSQL’ saying, ‘MYSQL’ can not run on port 3306 which is its default port. This was an issue because the ‘LibreHealth EHR’ system runs on port ‘3306’ by default.

The Issues I Faced Trying TO Fix

I changed the ‘MYSQL’ port ‘3306’ to port ‘3307’. To change this. On the ‘XAMPP’ Control Panel I clicked on ‘Config’ in the ‘MYSQL’ row and a small popup opened, then I clicked on ‘my.ini’ where I changed the port ‘3306’ to ‘3307’ and saved the file. I then returned to the ‘XAMPP’ Control Panel and on the top right corner, I clicked on the ‘Config’ on the ‘services and port settings.’ Inside the ‘config’ I changed ‘MYSQL’ port ‘3306’ to ‘3307.’ The positions of the config files can be seen in the diagram below.

After changing the port I went to the cloned ‘lh-ehr’ on my machine and open with a text editor. In ‘libreehr/sites/default/ sqlconf.php,’ in this file I also changed the port ‘3306’ to port ‘3307’ and saved.

The installation process of ‘LibreHealth EHR’ started moving smoothly now with port ‘3307’ and again I got stuck at step three. with a message which shows ‘MYSQL’ is not connecting to the database in ‘PHPMYADMIN.’ I needed to seek the help of my mentors at this stage.

How My Mentors Helped Me to Fix the Issue

I went to the LibreHealth chat forum and told my mentors Tony Shortsleeve and Maggie Negm about the issue am facing. They gave me various ways on which I can resolve the issue and get my system back running. I tried all what they told me, like restarting my machine, fixing ‘MYSQL’ port ‘3306’ error.

From a video sent to me from my mentors, I found out that the problems I faced was because I had downloaded another ‘MYSQL’ program on the same machine which coincides with that on the ‘XAMPP’ server.

I uninstalled the other ‘MYSQL’ on my machine, then I reinstalled ‘XAMMP’ and got ‘MYSQL’ working perfectly.

I followed the ‘LibreHealth EHR’ installation instruction and got the system back.

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