Improve Code for the EHR system LibreHealth

What is LibreHealth

LibreHealth is the foundation of a worldwide ecosystem of open source Health IT innovation and is a place where people can come together to build tools that enhance the quality of healthcare around the world.

LibreHealth EHR

The LibreHealth EHR application is a clinically-focused electronic health record (EHR) system designed to be both easy to use “out of the box” and also customizable for use in a variety of health care settings. It builds on the strength of the LibreHealth Toolkit, and adapts many of the proven user experiences built over many years with OpenEMR. It is designed to be a modern, easy-to-use experience for health care professionals in their daily work. LibreHealth is a 100% volunteer-run organization, with all of our contributors (developers, support, and leadership) donating their time and talents. While we would love to have you join our effort, we realize not everyone is able to contribute in this way so some people support financially.

How to join the LibreHealth community

You can the join the Librehealth community by following the following links and Also you can join during the Outreachy participation round if your application is selected.

What You Need To Know In Other To Contribute To LibreHealth EHR.

To work with the LibreHealth EHR system, you must have the basic knowledge of web development programs like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and Database.

Also you must have the basic knowledge on how to use Git ( and GitHub ( in order to get the source code on your local machine and send your contribution.

How I joined LibreHelth

After being accepted in the initial outreachy ( participation round, I saw that the LibreHealth EHR project was the best for me join because it has the skills which I identify my self with. LibreHealth had two projects which where on the Outreachy site open for participation “Improve Code for the EHR system” and “Improve Documentation for the EHR Wiki.”

I joined their chat forum ( and from the chat I got the directive on how to clone their source code from Gitub (

I cloned their source code to my local machine and followed all their installation instructions ( Installation Instructions) and started my contribution process. and I got the LibreHelth EHR system on my machine.

What Have I benefited From Joining The LibreHealth community

As member of this community I have come to understand and get a clear view on how to work with a project in real world.

Also being part of an active open source community means being part of a group of people who have “been there, done that” and can share their experience, advice, best practices, and ideas.

Contributing to an open source project deepens understanding of the project and the what the project actually needs or requires. I have come to practically understand the implementation of the basics of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and database. This is because the Librehealth EHR system is build on this.

By participating in an open source project you can contribute based on what has and hasn’t worked for your community project and reap the benefits participating in fixing a problem which gives you must experience as a software developer.

I have also benefited from this community on building my morals and reputation as a software developer. Being an Outreachy candidate is a massive opportunity for me to build my self esteem and I have gained more confidence working with codes.

Contributing to open source provides a clear view into a project, and also a chance to get to the company source code to work with experience mentors and other contributors. Being a member of the LibreHaelth community, I have been able to come across great software developers and mentors like Toni Shortsleeve, Elizabeth Ngai, Maggie Negm, Robby O’Connor, Virginia Balseiro, Mua, Htuck who have thought me a lot since I joined the community.

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