My Journey As An Outreachy Intern

The Beginning

From the beginning of my ‘Outreachy’ internship I had in mind that I was here to learn and to contribute the little I know. It was not easy regarding the fact that I had no working experience and most of all, it is an open source contribution. Following my core values and my background( I was able to pull through the various stages of the internship with the help of the understanding mentors I have in ‘LibreHealth'(

The Issues I faced

Writing exams and working with real life projects are purely different things. I came to realize this when i was selected as a LibreHealth intern.

I have gotten stuck with many issues over the period of my internship, some more tougher than others. For example, I got stuck on Mysql not running on my server.

Most of these issues should not have taken more than a couple of hours to figure out but more often it took me days. This is because I seek the help of my mentors mostly after I have tried figuring out my self. It was normal for me to think that the bugs that I was getting were because of a bigger task or things that I did not understand yet. This would force me to go extra miles to better understand what is going on. I will later find out at times that the issue I was facing was just minor or small mistakes I made. How ever I got more excited at the end because being stuck on something for long and finding the solution gives some one the mastery of it. The more difficulties I faced the more knowledge I accumulated and the more confidence and experience I gained.

I also faced the issue of getting the wright location of the files. Sometimes getting a particular line of code to work with is very tricky.

Some time ago it was ‘GitHub’ I could not get my branches or do other operation I spent days on this. It helped me to understand ‘GitHub’ better. From this link you can read about how I got stuck (

My Progress So Far

Though facing the issues I talked about I have been able to progress in both my work in the internship and my skills as a software developer. I am now able to work on an open source contribution and also on my own projects.

Me working with Librehealth As an Outreachy intern has also given me more skills and understanding on how to write a report and a blog. Before the internship I can recall how difficult it was for me writing reports in a good format and a blog but with the help and the guidance of my mentors I am now better on it.

I have been able to make some fixes in the ‘Libreehr System’ though am still on some few tricky issues to fix, but I believe I get more better with time.

Working as an Outreachy intern, I have also been able to improve on my English writing skills and communication. This because My mentors always have the patience and time to correct the mistakes I make and tell me what to do best. English writing and communication is one of the main things am so happy to have improved in.

Also getting to understand how to use Git’, ‘GitHub’, ‘WordPress’, editor like Visual ‘Studio code’ is a very big achievement for me as a software developer.

What I want After My Internship

From all the skills I have gathered during the Outreachy intership which is an open source contribution, I will love to continue contributing in an open source to better my skills. After that I will love to be an entrepreneur.I want to struggle and build my own web applications and also help my community.

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